If you wanna to create your brand or design with your own artwork, you must refere below tips; or you can inquiry with our customer service via eamil  or call us directly.

Color and pattern customization: Customers can choose from different colors and patterns, such as tropical florals, geometric shapes, or personalized designs, to create a unique look.

Print personal information: Print personal information, such as name, date or special message, on the insoles or laces of Flip Flops to add a personalized touch.

Sole material selection: Different sole materials are available, such as cork, rubber or eco-friendly materials, to meet different comfort and environmental protection needs.

Variety of shoelace styles: Available in a variety of shoelace styles, such as thin, wide, or braided straps, and different materials, such as cloth, leather, or clear plastic.

Customized sole pattern: Design unique patterns or text on the soles of Flip Flops, which can leave interesting marks when walking on the beach.

Add accessories: Add decorative accessories such as beads, sequins or small charms to add uniqueness and style.

Adjust shoe shapes and sizes: Provide different shoe shapes and size customization to suit different foot shapes and comfort needs, such as wide or narrow.

Environmentally friendly packaging: Use environmentally friendly materials for packaging and provide customized packaging designs, such as personalized boxes or cloth bags, to enhance the gift experience.